GGThreads Launches Esports Endeavor with Acquisition of Major Player: Top Flight Threads

GGThreads Launches Esports Endeavor with Acquisition of Major Player: Top Flight Threads

Chicago. [1] May 2024 - GGThreads, a newly founded company in the Lifestyle Apparel Space, has officially delved into the Esports Space after gathering a 100% stake in Declining Esports Brand: Top Flight Threads. GGThreads intends to use this acquisition as leverage to gain a foot in the door with the rapidly growing esports space.

Chicago based Lifestyle Apparel Company Top Flight Threads has been in the gaming and esports space for just shy of three years. With their meteoric rise, the company occasionally floundered, and experienced a rapid decrease in customer satisfaction. As a result of this, their business model has shifted drastically to utilizing a completely different structure from their marketplace offering competitors: one that focuses on quality over quantity.

With tens of thousands of garments of work history, GGThreads believes that an acquisition of the resources from TFT, coupled with the small client load, has put them in a position poised for success.

GGThreads intends to take over all contracts on behalf of Top Flight Threads, and offer an even higher level of customer service to customers, through a full service suite of offerings. 

At the heart of GGThreads strategy is their High-Ticket, DFY Team store set-up and fulfillment program. Calling this their primary draw would be an understatement, as they intend to dip into their own pockets to guarantee the benefit of their customers, taking their own benefit on the back end.

In an official GGThreads said "We anticipate a major boom within the esports and gaming space in the coming years, and we want to be the catalyst of the apparel element of that space. From wholesale and buy in bulk relationships, to drop shipped and fulfilled on demand limited time orders, our goal is to utilize our resources to put dollars back into the pockets of our customers, rather than the contrary."

GGThreads has officially begun the public announcement of the TFT takeover, and anticipates to triple it's client load by the end of Q3 this year, while adding over 20 new staff members to the team, and branching out to low ticket and free offerings in combination with their high ticket services.

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